Perform Record Action

Perform a variety of actions to an existing record in Workfront.


  • Record Type (dropdown) : Select the record type that you want to do an action. For example, if you want to peform a record action in a Project, you should select Project from the dropdown list.

  • Action (dropdown): The action you want to perform to the existing Workfront Object. This will depends on record types you choose, some action only applicable to different kind of record type. Some possible action :

    • Calculate data extension
    • Check in
    • Check out
    • Create proof
    • Get total size for documents
    • Is linked document?
    • Is proof auto-generation enabled?
    • Move
    • Unlink documents

Input Fields

  • Record
    • Record ID (text) : The record unique identification number. ID of that record and is the same as the ID you can find in the URL of any specific Workfront record. This is the ID of the record you’re performing the action on. For example this is the url for project record type, the id is in bold.
  • Arguments : The available “arguments” input fields vary based on the Action selected in the Options.
    • When “Move” is Selected:
      • objID (text): The ID of the record you’re moving your “Record ID” into.
      • docObjCode (text): Workfront-specific object codes based on the type of object that the “objID” is referencing. Common ones are “PROJ” for Project, “TASK” for Task, “OPTASK” for Issue, and “USER” for User. To see the full list, check Workfront’s documentation here.

Output Fields

  • Result (object) This will vary depend on the action selected in options.