NOTE: Please be aware that not all fields will trigger this Event when an update is made to them. We allow users to watch any field, but only a subset of those you can pick from will trigger the Flow. At this time we have no way to tell which fields do and which fields don’t trigger this Event. This is especially true for custom fields containing special characters, e.g. >“^%_=,@; you may have some success with custom fields containing characters *~`< but we recommend custom fields be named with only numbers and letters, with no spaces between words.

Start Flow when a specific field is updated.

Note: Additional fields may be available depending on the connection and options you choose.


  • Record Type (dropdown) : Select the record type that you want to monitor for updates. For example, if you want to start the Flow each time a record field updated in a Project, you should select Project from the dropdown list.
  • Field (text) : Please specify the fields of the record you want to watch for updates.


  • Record (object) : This will be the record that was updated. The fields will be dynamically generated, and you will be able to choose fields that will be displayed. Click the bottom right gear symbol to edit the output field.