• User (text)
  • Password (password)
  • Base URL (text)
  •  Tenant (text)
    • This value can be found in the URL of your instance when you are in the Workday UI, e.g.…
    • Only enter the name of the tenant, not anything else from the URL. In this case, “my_workfront_tenant” would be the correct value.

Workday authorization requires a user that has access to the “Get_Workers” endpoint of the “Human_Resources” service. Follow these steps to create an integration system user with the appropriate permissions to use the connector:

  1. Create an integration system user by searching “Create Integration System User” in the Workday UI
  2. Search “Active Security Groups,” and find the unconstrained Integration System Security Group for “Human Resource System.” Click the three dots to the right of the name of the group, and select “Integration System Security Group (Unconstrained)” -> “Edit”. Then add your integration system user to this security group.


  • Employee Job Updated - Fire monitor when an employee job is updated in Workday
  • Employee Profile Updated - Fire monitor when an employee's personal information or contact information is updated in Workday
  • Employee Time Off Updated - Fire monitor when an employee's time off is updated in Workday
  • New Employee - Fire monitor when a new employee is added to Workday