Searches through Widen assets and returns a list of the ones that fulfill the criteria.


  • Metadata Type (Dropdown List): A dropdown list of different metadata types available in Widen. This will affect the metadata returned in the list of assets. Example metadata types include product photography, videos, logos, specific group marketing materials, etc. Metadata Types?

Input Fields

  • Search
    • Query (text): The search term for searching for assets. query?
    • Category Path (text): The path of the category the assets you’re searching for are in.
    • Limit (Number): Limit the number of results that can be returned.
    • Offset (Number): Use this field to offset the list of assets that will be the output.
    • Sort Order (Dropdown): Choose to sort the list of assets in either ascending or descending order.
    • Sort by Field (text): The field that the list of assets will be sorted by.

Output Fields

  • Asset
    • Asset ID (text) : The asset unique indenfitier. Asset ID could be found on asset page url. The url will follow this pattern https://< Domain >< Asset ID >. Asset ID with will follow the format of 00000000-1111-2222-3333-444444444abc.
    • External ID (text) : The unique identifier of an external asset.
    • File Name (text) : The file name of the asset.
    • Created Date (text) : Timestamp for when the asset was created. For example, 2017-07-31T07:34:41Z.
    • Last Updated (text) : Timestamp for the most recent time the asset was updated. For example, 2017-07-31T07:34:41Z.
    • Released and Not Expired (true/false) : Whether or not the asset is released and not expired
    • Download Link (text) : The asset file download link.
  • Security
    • Release Date (text) : Timestamp for the asset was released.
    • Expiration Date (text) : The asset expiration date.
    • Asset Groups (text) : The group the assets belongs to.
  • File Properties
    • Format Type (text): The type of format the asset is in. For example ZIP, Word, Excel, Scalable Vector Graphics, etc.
    • Format (text): Format of the asset. For Example .zip, .docx ,.xlx, .svg, etc. Full Widen Supported Format & Format Types
    • Size (text): Size of the file in kilobytes.
  • Metadata
    • Dynamically Generated Fields (text): These fields will change based on the metadata type chosen in the Options section.