This card will download an asset file from the widen, the output will be a file from the specified asset.

Input Fields

  • Asset
    • Asset ID (text) : The asset unique indenfitier. Asset ID could be found on asset page url. The url will follow this pattern https://< Domain >< Asset ID >. Asset ID with will follow the format of 00000000-1111-2222-3333-444444444abc.

Output Fields

  • File
    • File Content (file) : The file object that was stored as asset in Widen.
    • File Name (text) : The name of the file.
    • Format Type (text): The type of format the asset is in. For example ZIP, Word, Excel, Scalable Vector Graphics, etc.
    • Format (text): Format of the asset. For Example .zip, .docx ,.xlx, .svg, etc. Full Widen Supported Format & Format Types
    • Size (number) : The file size in kilobytes.