• New Rekey Attempt - Start FLO when a new Rekey is attempted in Vault
  • Updated Seal - Start FLO when progress is made updating a seal


  • Create Vault - Initializes a new Vault
  • Mount Secret Backend - Mount Secret Backend
  • Read Backend - Lease ID for Renew and Revoke Secret Actions can only be obtained by reading a backend
  • Read Key Status - Gets information about the current encryption key used by Vault
  • Read Rekey Status - Gets configuration and progress info representing the current rekey attempt
  • Read Token Info - Looks up wrapping properties for the given token
  • Read Vault Seal Status - Get seal status of a Vault
  • Renew Secret - Renew a secret, requesting to extend the lease
  • Revoke Secret - Revoke a secret immediately
  • Rotate Key - Rotate the backend encryption key
  • Seal Vault - Seals a Vault
  • Unseal Vault - Unseals a Vault
  • Unwrap Token - Unwraps the original response inside the given wrapping token
  • Wrap Data - Wraps the given user-supplied data inside a response-wrapped token