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  • New Build

    Start FLO when new build is started.

  • New Project

    Start FLO when new project is created.

  • New Queued Build

    Start FLO when a new build is in the queue.


  • Cancel Build

    Cancel build by using build id of running build.

  • Create Project

    Create project by giving project name.

  • Create Tags

    Create tags by using build id.

  • Delete Project

    Delete project using an existing project id

  • Read All Builds

    List all builds by using project id.

  • Read All Projects

    List all projects.

  • Read Build Configurations

    Get build Configurations details of all projects if input in none,if input is project name then get all build details of that project.

  • Read Build Details

    Get build details by giving build id.

  • Read Project

    Read project details using an existing project id.

  • Read Queued Builds

    Get list of queued builds by using All queued build,Project Builds or by using Build id.

  • Read Tags

    List all the tags by using build id.

  • Start Build Trigger

    Start build by giving build name of a specific project.