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  • New Alert

    Start Flow when a new Splunk alert is fired.

    Output Fields

    • Alert
      • Name (text): The name of the saved search that triggers this alert
      • Triggered Time (text): The time the alert was triggered
      • App (text): The application that triggered the alert
      • Severity (text): The severity of the alert (Info, Low, Medium, High, or Critical). Default is Medium.
      • Trigger Expiration Time (text): The time the alert will expire
  • New Message

    Start FLO when a message is received.


  • Create HTTP Event

    Create HTTP Event.

  • Create Index

    Create Index.

  • Create Saved Search

    Create Saved Search.

  • Create UDP Event

    Create UDP Event.

  • Delete HTTP Event

    Delete HTTP Event.

  • Delete Saved Search

    Delete Saved Search.

  • Delete UDP Event

    Delete UDP Event.

  • List Data Models

    List Data Models.

  • List Inputs

    List Inputs.

  • Read Index

    Read Index.

  • Read Pivot

    Read Pivot.

  • Update HTTP Event

    Update HTTP Event.

  • Update Index

    Update Index.

  • Update UDP Event

    Update UDP Event.