Reads a customer in Shopify.

Input Fields

Output Fields

  • Order
    • Order Number (text): The order number (not ID).
    • Financial Status(text): The status of the payment for the order.
    • Total Line Items Price (number): The price of the items.
    • Currency(text): Currency.
    • Contact Email(text): The contact email.
    • Note(text): Order note.
    • Tags(text): Order tags.
    • Created At(text): When the order was created.
    • Updated At(text): When the order was updated.
    • Line Items (list of objects):
      • Title(text): Order title.
      • Product ID(text): Product ID.
      • Variant ID(text): Variant ID.
      • Quantity (number): Order quantity.
      • Price (number): Price per item.
      • Vendor(text): Vendor.