Adds address to an existing customer in Shopify.

Input Fields

  • Update by
  • Address
    • First Name (text): First name that will appear on the address.
    • Last Name (text): Last name of the name that will appear on the address.
    • Address Line 1 (text): The street address for the customer.
    • Address Line 2 (text): Unit number.
    • City (text): The city for the address.
    • State or Province (text): The state or province for the customer address. Note: will sometimes return an error if the state is included but the country is not.
    • Phone (text): Phone number of the contact.
    • Country (text): The country. Note: Will not accept ‘USA’ but will accept ‘United States’.
    • Zip Code (text): The zip code for the address.

Output Fields

  • There are no output fields for this card.