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  1. Enter in anĀ Account Nickname. This should be unique so if your team authorizes multiple accounts, you’d be able to tell them apart.
  2. Enter your Shiftboard AccessKey.
  3. Enter your Shiftboard SignatureKey.
  4. You can find the API credentials by going to Settings (the gear icon on the top bar), then GENERAL SETTINGS, then API Configuration (on the right side under MANAGEMENT TOOLS), then “Get API Access Key”.


    • Custom API Action

      Make a custom request to the Shiftboard API

      Shiftboard uses the JSON RPC framework, to learn more about that framework click here


      Input Fields

      For more information about these requests, visit the Shiftboard Documentation.
      • Request
        • Method (text): The object method to be interacted with. Try news.get as an example
        • Params (object): Some requests will require parameters for your object method. These are formatted as an object. In the Shiftboard Documentation above, the format of each method’s parameters are included on the right side of the page. NOTE: for requests with no parameters, pass an empty object {}.

      Output Fields

      • Success (true/false) : A true false value, determining if the Shiftboard API responded to the request. A true value can still mean an error was returned from Shiftboard.
      • Result (object) : The returned data of the request. This can contain a result, if the request was successful, or an error if the request was not.