Searches for a list item by using an input.


  •  Site Path (text): The location of the site. Found in the URL of the site
  • Your SharePoint Lists (drop down menu): Choose from existing SharePoint lists.
  • Field (drop down menu): Which aspect of the item you are searching with.
  • Operator (drop down menu): == Equal to, > Greater than, < Less than, >= Greater than or equal to, <= Less than or equal to, and != Not equal to. Choose the operator that will be used for the search. ie: If the Number field and the == operator are chosen, then the designer will search for items with a number equal to the input number.

Input Fields

  • Keyword (text): The input value matching the chosen field type which will be used in the search.

Output Fields

  • List
    • Item
      • Title (text): The title of the item.
      • First Name (text): The first name associated with the item.
      • Number (text): The number associated with the item.
      • Person (T/F)
      • Date (text)
      • Item ID (text)
      • Created At (text): The date the item was created.
      • Updated At (text): The date the item was updated.