Write a text file to a given path. This action writes plain text to a file, but cannot be used to create file types that contain anything other than plain text, such as .docx.

NOTE: The maximum file size that can be written is 10MB. If you attempt to upload data larger than 10MB you will receive a “Payload too large” error.

Without a beginning forward slash, the file will be created in the user’s home directory. When using a forward slash at the beginning of a path, the path must be absolute. For example:

  • newTextFile.txt -> Create a file called “newTextFile.txt” in your home directory
  • /pathToHomeDirectory/newTextFile.txt -> Create a new file called “newTextFile.txt” in your home directory, inputting the absolute path
  • /differentPath/newTextFile.txt -> Create a new file somewhere other than your home directory, using an absolute path
  • existingFolder/newTextFile.txt -> Create a new file inside of an existing folder inside of your home directory. When creating a new file in nested subfolders, these folders must already exist for the operation to complete successfully.


  • Text Content (text) - The text content that you want to write to a file
  • Destination File Path _(text)_ - The path at which to create the new file