Download a file from an SFTP destination to the filesystem.  The File path input defines the folder and filename within the SFTP destination, separated by a “/” character, according to normal FTP conventions.  Without a beginning forward slash, the path will reference the user’s home directory. When using a forward slash at the beginning of a path, the path must be absolute. Examples:

  • myfile.jpg -> download the file”myfile.jpg” from the user’s home directory
  • /pathToHomeDirectory/myfile.jpg -> same as above, using an absolute path
  • myfolder/myfile.jpg -> download the file “myfile.jpg” from the folder “myfolder”
  • myfolder/subfolder/adeeperfolder/myfile.jpg -> download a file from nested subfolders


  • File path - the path, including folder and filename, of the file to download


  • File Content - the File ID of the downloaded file
  • Filename - the filename of the downloaded file
  • Size - the size, in bytes, of the downloaded file