Reads responses stored in Qualtrics.

Note: Additional fields may be available depending on the account and options you choose.


  • Survey (list): Drop down menu of survey within your Qualtrics account.


  • Response
    • Response ID (text): Identification code of response.


  • Metadata
    • Response Set (text):
    • Status (text): Status of response (Eg. Completed…)
    • Start Date (text): Date response was created.
    • End Date (text): Date response was finished being written (dependent on status of response)
    • Finished? (true/false): If true, response is finished.
  • Recipient
    • Name (text): Name of recipient.
    • External Reference (text): External website link associated with recipient.
    • Email Address (text): Email address of recipient.
    • IP Address (text): A unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.