Begin a Flow whenever there is a new response to a survey in Qualtrics. Additional fields may be available depending on the account and options you choose.

Note: This feature is currently non-functional on the Azuqua platform. The endpoint required to establish a secure webhook connection upon activating a Flow is experiencing an outage. Details about the status of this outage may be found on this Qualtrics community forum thread.

Until this issue is resolved, users will be unable to add the New Response event card to Flows. Existing Flows with the New Response event card will remain inactivate inside their original folders and users will not be able to activate them.


  • Survey (list): Drop down menu of survey within your Qualtrics account.


  • Metadata
    • Response ID (text): Unique ID for the new response.
    • Recipient ID (text): Unique ID for the recipient of the new response.
    • Response Event Context (text):
    • Response Set (text):
    • Status (text): Status of response (Eg. Completed…).
    • Start Date (text): Date response was created.
    • End Date (text): Date response was finished being written (dependent on status of response).
    • Finished? (true/false): If true, response is finished.
  • Recipient
    • Name (text): Name of recipient.
    • External Reference (text): External website link associated with recipient.
    • Email Address (text): Email address of recipient.
    • IP Address (text): A unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.