Produces all drawings for each drawing set in a project when new drawings are published to a project.


  • Company (dropdown): choose the company where your drawings exist. Note: There will likely be one company.

  • Filter Type (dropdown): choose between “Project” or “Vendor”. Note: Vendor is the equivalent to a company associated with a project.

  • Resource (dropdown): choose which resource you want to filter by. Note: If you choose project, you may need to change the options of this card at a later date once this project has been completed.

Output Fields

The outputs for this monitor will be the same and consist of the following:

  • Project Id (number): the unique ID for the project. You can pass this Id to other Procore actions, such as read project.

  • Drawing Sets (list of objects): The list of drawing sets associated with the project; each item in this list will have a list of objects of the drawings in the set.

  • Drawing Set Id (number): The unique Id of the drawing set.

  • Drawings (list of objects): The list of drawings that the drawing set contains.

  • Current (boolean): Whether or not the drawing is current.

  • PDF URL (text): The URL where the drawing PDF is located. You would use this field inside of a File - Download function card to download this PDF ot the file system.

  • Drawing Date (text): The date of the drawing.