Search for one or more records in Netsuite.


  • Record Type (Dropdown List): Choose the Netsuite record type that you would like to search for.

  • Field (Dropdown List): Choose the field on that record type that you want to search by. This will vary by record type.

  • Operator (Dropdown List): Choose what operator you want to use to search for the field. This will vary based on the type of field that is chosen (e.g. string fields will have different operators than number fields or date fields).

  • Return (Dropdown List): Choose whether you want all matching records returned or just the first matching record. If you don’t need all matching records, choosing “One record” will speed up the processing time of the Search Records card.

Input Fields

The inputs for this card will change depending on what field and operator are chosen. You will either see an input called Keyword (and sometimes a second input called Keyword 2, if two values are required), or an array input called Internal IDs.

If the input is Keyword, enter the value that you would like to search for, keeping in mind what operator you have chosen (e.g. “is” vs. “isNot”).

If the input is Internal IDs array, that means that Netsuite is looking for the unique identifier used for whatever field you are searching for. This ID will be a number.

  • To find this internal ID, you may need to open the Netsuite UI and find the type of record you are searching for as an example. To have more visibility of internal IDs, make sure to navigate to Home -> Set Preferences -> General and check Show Internal IDs. Alternatively, you may want to try using Read Record in Azuqua on the type of record you are searching for in order to find the internal ID. Please note that many fields in Netsuite have internal IDs, so make sure that the ID you are inputting is a valid value for that field.

Output Fields

An array of results matching your search parameters.