Building a list item aids in the entry of information into other cards. This card has many different possible outputs, but it enables you to build any of a wide variety of new records, and successfully pass that information onto other cards. The process of that is detailed below.


  • Record Type (dropdown)
    • Dynamic list of record types available in your Netsuite instance. Click here for an exhaustive list of record types.
  • Field (dropdown)
    • Dynamic list of the fields available to edit on the selected record.

Input Fields

  • These fields are dependent on the type of record and field you are trying to update. They will all however have an internal ID related to the field you have chosen. Learn more about how to find the internal ID of a field here.

Output Fields

There is only one type of output for this card, the list item you have created. This list item is actually an object, and you can access any of the information entered as an input by entering the name of that field as a key in the enter key name here field. These keys can then be dragged to other cards.

  • Item (object)
    • Enter key name here (text) To access any of the information entered in this card, type the name of the input above into this text box and press enter. Now the value that you entered in the input field above is available to use in your Flow.