Publish a message to a specific topic in an MQTT queue.

Connecting to MQTT

Provide the account details to connect to your MQTT service.  Note:  the account takes a few seconds to create, so if you get an immediate “Can’t connect to MQTT” error just click “Test again” a few seconds later.

  • Account nickname:  any name to help you identify this connection
  • URL: the URL of the MQTT service, including the protocol.  I.e.:  mqtt://
  • Username:  if required by the service, otherwise leave blank
  • Password:  if required by the service, otherwise leave blank
  • Protocol ID:  allows you to choose MQIsdp if required
  • Protocol Version:  allows you to select version 3 instead of version 4

Input Fields

  • Message
    • Topic: the topic to send to
    • Data: the message to send
  • Options
    • QOS:
    • Retain:

Output Fields

This action has no outputs.