Microsoft TFS


  • New Comment on Work Item - Start FLO when a there is new comment on work item
  • New Work Item - Start FLO when a new work item is created
  • Work Item Updated - Start FLO when an existing work item is updated


  • Create Project - Create a new project
  • Create Work Item - Create a work item of certain type
  • Download Attachment - Download an attachment as a file using the attachment ID
  • HTTP Request - Make a customized HTTP request to the Microsoft TFS API
  • Link Work Items - Link two work items and define the relationship between them
  • Read Project - Read a project using the project ID
  • Read Work Item - Read work item
  • Read Work Items - Read all work items in a project, with an optional filter by work item type
  • Tag Work Item - Add a tag to a work item
  • Update Work Item - Update an existing work item
  • Upload Attachment - Upload a file and attach it to a work item