customer for Magento data base.

Input Fields

  • Customer ID (text): Identification code of new customer.

Output Fields

  • Group ID (number): Identification code of customer group.
  • Default Billing (text): Default billing address for new customer.
  • Default Shipping (text): Default shipping address for new customer.
  • Created In (text): Place within Magento customer’s profile was created in.
  • Date of Birth (text): Date customer was born on.
  • Email (text): E-mail of new customer.
  • First Name (text): First name of new customer.
  • Last Name (text): Last name of new customer.
  • Middle Name (text): Middle name of new customer.
  • Prefix (text): Group of letters placed before first name signifying marital or educational status (Eg. Mr., Mrs., Dr., and Ms).
  • Suffix (text): Explanation of customer’s first name, not the last. “John Doe Jr.” means he is John, the son of John.
  • Gender (drop down menu): the state of being male or female.
  • Store ID (number): Identification code of customer’s store.
  • Taxvat (text): Value added Tax (VAT)
  • Website ID (number): Identification code of customer’s website.
  • Confirmation (text): Confirmation to send to customer email.
  • Address (drop down list): Select from drop down menu to which address