Search Invoices

Search invoices stored in Magento.

Input Fields

  • Invoice 
    • Invoice ID (number): Identification number associated with invoice.

Output Fields

  • Invoice 

    • Base Currency Code (text)Code for the primary currency used for all online payment transactions. For multiple store views, the scope of the price must be set in the Catalog configuration. (Eg. of a Currency Code of United States: USS 998).
    • Base Discount Amount (number): amount discounted from defaultamount.
    • Base Grand Total (number): Grant total of default amount.
    • Base Discount Tax Compensation Amount(number): Amount of discount from tax deduction for default amount.
    • Base Shipping Amount (number): Shipping for default amount.
    • Base Shipping Incl Tax (number): Shipping total of default amount with tax included.
    • Base Shipping Tax Amount (number): Amount of tax from default shipping amount.
    • Base Subtotal (number): Subtotal for default amount.
    • Base Subtotal Incl Tax (number): Subtotal with tax included for default amount.
    • Base Tax Amount (number): Value in the default store currency
    • Base To Global Rate (number): Conversion rate from base to global currency.
    • Base To Order Rate (number): Conversion rate from base to order currency.
    • Billing Address ID (number): Identification code of
    • Can Void Flag? (true/false): If true, void is able to flag.
    • Created At (text): Date invoice was created at.
    • Discount Amount (number): Amount to take out as discount from total.
    • Entity ID (number): Identification code associated with specific entity.
    • Global Currency Code (text): Code for global currency (Eg. Code of the US dollar, Euro, or Yen).
    • Grand Total (number): Current currency of grand total.
    • Discount Tax Compensation Amount (number):  Amount of discount from tax deduction for selected amount.
    • Order Currency Code (text): Currency code of order.
    • Order ID (number): Identification code of order. 
    • Shipping Address ID (number): Identification code of shipping address for invoice.
    • Shipping Amount (number): Rate/Cost of shipping.
    • Shipping Discount Tax Compensation Amount(number)
    • Shipping Incl Tax (number): Cost of shipping, including taxed portion.
    • Shipping Tax Amount (number): Cost of tax for shipping.
    • State: (number): State/Step order is currently on (Canceled, On Hold, Pending Payment)
    • Store Currency Code (text): Code of selected store currency.
    • Store ID (number): Identification code of customer’s store.
    • Store To Base Rate (number): Conversion rate from store and base currency.
    • Store To Order Rate (number): Conversion rate from store to order currency.
    • Subtotal (number): the total of one set of a larger group of figures to be added.
    • Subtotal Incl Tax (number): subtotal with tax calculated in.
    • Tax Amount (number): value in the selected store currency.
    • Total Quantity (number): Total quantity of invoice.
    • Updated At (text): Date of most recent update of invoice.
    • Items (object): Types of items included within invoice.
    • Comments (object): Comments included within invoice.

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