Creates a connection in Looker.

Input Fields

  • Connection Name (text): Name of the connection. Also used as the unique identifier

  • Host (text): Host name/address of server

  • Port (text): Port number on server

  • Username (text): Username for server authentication

  • Password (text): Password for server authentication

  • Certificate(text): Base64 encoded Certificate body for server authentication (when appropriate for dialect). You can use the ‘Base64 encode’ String function.

  • Database (text): Database name

  • Database Timezone (text): Time zone of database

  • Query Timezone (text): Timezone to use in queries

  • Schema (text): Scheme name

  • Max Connections (number): Maximum number of concurrent connection to use

  • SSL? (boolean): Use SSL/TLS when connecting to server,

  • Verify SSL? (boolean): Verify the SSL

  • Tmp DB Name (text): Name of temporary database (if used)

  • JDBC Additional Params (text): Additional params to add to JDBC connection string

  • Pool Timeout(number): Pool Timeout

  • Dialect Name (text):  SQL Dialect name

  • User DB Credentials? (boolean): Are User db credentials enabled.

  • PDT Cron (text):Pacific Daylight TimeCron?

  • Dialect Connection Tests (list of text): Grouping of names of the tests that can be run on a connection using this dialect

Output Fields

  • Connection
    • Name (text): The name of the connection; also the identifier.