Searches for an issue in JIRA.


  • Project (drop down menu): The project that contains the issue you’re searching for. You can also choose “–All Projects–” to add the project name as an input.
  • Issue Type (drop down menu): The type of issue you will be searching for. Or choose “–All Issue Types–” to have the Issue type as an input.
  • Result Set (drop down menu): If you want the card to return all matches, or just the first match that is found.

Input Fields

  • Options
    • Offset (number): An offset for the results. i.e. if the card finds 50 issues and you want to return the last 20, your offset would be 30 and max result would be 20.
    • Max Results (number): The maximum number of results the card will return.
  • Search By
    • Assignee (text): The assignee of the issue.
    • Category (text): The category given to the issue.
    • Comment (text): A comment on the issue.
    • Created (text): When the issue was created.
    • Creator (text): The username of the user who created the issue.
    • Description (text): A description of the issue.
    • Due Date (text): When the issue is due.
    • Last Viewed (text): The last time the issue was viewed.

Output Fields

If “All Issues” is chosen in the Options, the output will be a list of issues and their information.

  • Issue
    • Key (text): The key of the issue i.e. “TP-123”.
    • Issue ID (text): The ID of the issue i.e. “12655”.
    • API Resource URL (text): The URL of the api resource for the issue.
    • URL (text): The URL of the Issue.