Reads a project in JIRA.

Input Field

  • Project
    • ID or Key (text): You can find the key and project ID by using the ‘Search Projects’ action.

Output Fields

  • Project
    • Key (text): The project key; an identifier.  i.e. “TB”.
    • Project ID (number): The ID of the project. i.e. “10110”.
    • Name(text): The name of the project i.e. “Test Project”.
    • Type(text): The type of project i.e. “software”.
    • URL(text): The URL linking to the project.
    • API Resource URL(text): The API Resource URL for the project.
    • Description(text): The description provided for the project.
    • Assignee Type(text): Types of assignees found here.
    • Issue Types(list of text): A list of the issues.
  • Project Lead
    • Username (text): The username of the lead of the project.
    • Display Name (text): The display name of the lead of the project.
    • Active (T/F): If the project is active or not.