Triggers a Flow when a new work log entry is made in JIRA.


  • JQL Query (text): An optional query to dictate which work logs trigger the Flow. JQL

Output Fields

  • Webhook
    • Raw Data (object): The raw webhook data for the work log.
  • Entry
    • URL (text): The URL for the work log entry.
    • Comment (text): The comment on the work log.
    • Started At (date and time): When the work was started.
    • Time Spent (text): The time spent working.
    • Time Spent (seconds) (number): The time spent, in seconds, working.
    • Worklog ID (number): The ID for the work log.
    • Parent Issue ID (number): The ID of the issue the work is on.
  • Visibility More on Visilibity
    • Type (text): The type of visibility.
    • Level (text): The level of visibility.
  • Author
    • Name (text): The username of the author.
    • Display Name (text): The display name of the author.
    • Active (T/F): If the author is active or not.
  • Context
    • Execution ID (text): The unique identifier for the execution of the Flow.