Triggers a Flow when a new comment is created in JIRA.


  • Project (drop down menu): The project you wish to trigger the Flow when a comment is added within it.

Output Fields

  • Webhook
    • Raw Data (object): The raw webhook data for the comment.
  • Issue
    • Issue ID (text): The ID of the issue.
  • Comment
    • Comment ID (text): The ID of the comment.
    • URL (text): The URL to the comment.
    • Body (text): The content of the comment.
    • Created Date (date and time): When the comment was posted. The date/time can be formatted using ISO UTC (e.g. “2016-09-07T16:55:25.670Z”).
  • Author
    • Name (text): The username of the author of the comment.
    • Display Name (text): The display name of the author of the comment.
    • Active (T/F): If the user is active or not.
  • context

    • Execution ID (text):The unique identifier of the execution of the Flow.

    Additionally, all data present on an issue page can be outputted.