Logs work on an issue in JIRA. Note: If you need to edit the visibility via Azuqua, you will need to use the JIRA HTTP Request card and have System Admin credentials.

Input Fields

  • Issue
    • ID or Key (text): The ID or Key of the issue you wish to log work on.¬†You can find the ID or Key using ‘Search Issues’.
  • Worklog
    • Comment (text): A comment regarding the work.
    • Time Started (text): The date/time the work began. The date/time can be formatted using ISO UTC (e.g. “2016-09-07T16:55:25.670Z”) or offset notation (e.g. “2016-09-07T16:55:25+00:00”) or Jira’s expected format (e.g. “2017-06-16T02:48:07.240+0000”).
    • Time Spent (seconds) (number): The amount of time, in seconds, spent on the issue i.e. “3600” for an hour of work.

Output Field

  • Response
    • Status Code (number): The code for the status of the attempt (if the update was successful). Status codes are defined¬†here.