Creates a new issue in Jira.


Choose “–All Projects–” or “–All Issue Types–” if you want to be able to run different types each time the Flow is executed.

  • Project (drop down menu): A list of existing projects in your JIRA account. You can also select “–All Projects–” if you want to enter the project name as an input.
  • Issue Type (drop down menu): The type of issue you will be creating. You can also choose “–All Issue Types–” if you wish to use the issue type as an input.

Input Fields

Input fields are dynamically generated based on your Options selections.

  • Project (if “–All Projects–” is selected)
    • Key (text): The project key. This can be found in the URL of the project by using ‘Read Project’ and the project ID.
  • Fields
    • Issue Type _(text): (_If “–All Issue Types–” is chosen) The type of issue.
    • Summary (text): A summary of the issue.
    • Component/s (list of text): Enter in the component i.e. “10000”. Components are sub-sections of a project. They are used to group issues within a project into smaller parts. You can set a default assignee for a component. This will override the project’s default assignee, for issues in that component.
    • Description (text): A description of the issue. You can also mention a user in the description to send them an email notification by using the “@” and then their JIRA username.

Output Fields

  • Issue
    • Key (text): The issue key; an identifier.
    • Issue ID (text): The ID of the issue.
    • URL (text): The URL to the issue.
    • API Resource URL (text): The URL directing to the API resource.