Update an issue in Jira.

Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


  • Project (drop-down): List of existing projects in your JIRA account. Select All Projects to enter the project name as an input.
  • Issue Type (drop-down): Type of issue to create. Select All Issue Types to use the issue type as an input.

Note: Choose All Projects or All Issue Types to run different types each time the flow is executed.


Input fields are dynamically generated from your Options selections. If you do not provide the project name or the issue type as an option, enter them here.

  • Issue
  • Fields
    • Issue Type: type of issue you selected in the Issue Type drop-down
    • Summary: summary of the issue
    • Component/s (list of text): Container or subsection of the project, used to group issues. Setting a default assignee for a component will override the project’s default assignee.
    • Description: A description of the issue. To send an email to a user, mention them (@ + Jira username) here.


  • Response
    • Status Code (number): status of the attempt (status codes are defined here)