Submit Event

Add a user’s behavior on your app to their Intercom profile by submitting an event for every behavior they take in the platform.

Input Fields

  • Event
    • Name (text): the name of the event. If you have pre-defined events within your Intercom account, you can increment the count of that event by 1 on the user’s profile by exactly matching the name of the existing event.
    • Created At (timestamp): the time at which the event was added to the user’s profile in Intercom.
    • User ID (text): the ID you defined for the user to which you want to add the event . NOTE: Not all users will have a User ID. We recommend using Email instead as every user in Intercom will have an email address to identify them.
    • Email (text): the email of the user to which you want to add the event.
  •  metadata
    • Click or drop here to create: type in a field name or drag a field into this area in order to define the metadata for the event you are adding to the user’s profile. Note: Adding metadata to an event is optional.