New Lead

This card monitors for new leads created in your Intercom account. NOTE: To read the custom attributes of the lead, use the action “Read Lead”.

Output Fields

  • Lead
    • Intercom ID (string): the Intercom generated ID for the lead
    • User ID (text): the automatically generated identifier for the lead
    • Email (text): the email address of the lead
    • Name (text): the full name of the lead
    • Pseudonym (text): the fake name Intercom assigns to all leads before the real name of a lead is known. For example, “Grey Spaceship”
    • App ID (text): the ID of your Intercom application
    • Session Count (number): the number of sessions the user has on your website
    • Unsubscribed Fom Email? (boolean): returns true or false depending on whether or not the lead has unsubscribed from emails
    • Created At (text): the time that the lead was added to Intercom
    • Updated At (text): the time that the lead was last updated
    • Signed Up At (text): the time at which the user signed up or converted from a lead to a user. For New Lead this will be empty.
    • User Agent Data (text): data about the last user agent the lead was seen using
    • Last Requested At (text): the time that the lead last made a request
    • Last Seen IP (text): the IP address from which the lead last visited your application