Create Lead

Create a new lead in your Intercom account. Leads are those contacts that have visited your website but have not yet signed up for your service.

Input Fields

  • Lead
    • Email (text): the email address of the lead.
    • Name (text): the full name of the lead.
    • Last Requested At (timestamp): the time that the lead last made a request to your site. NOTE: This field must be displaying on your card in order for the lead to be created. You can simply leave the default value “0” in place.
    • Unsubscribed From Emails (dropdown): select ”true”if the lead has unsubscribed from emails or “false” if they have not. NOTE: False is the default.
    • Last Seen IP (text): the IP address from which the lead last visited your application.
  • Company
    • Intercom ID (string): theunique, system-generated ID of the company associated with the lead.
    • Company ID (text): the internal ID of the company that you defined when you created the company.
    • Name (text): the name of the company associated with the lead.
  • Custom Attributes
    • Click or drop into the space provided here to create a field that will define a custom attribute on the new lead. NOTE: In order to write to existing custom fields within your Intercom application, type the field name to exactly match the existing attribute both in capitalization and spelling.

Output Fields

  • Lead
    • Intercom ID (string): the unique, system-generated ID for the lead