Create Company

Create a new company in Intercom.

Input Fields

  • Company
    • Name (text): the name of the company you are creating.
    • Plan (text): the name of the plan the company is subscribed to in your system.
    • Company ID (text): the ID of the company that you determine. NOTE: This is generally the ID of the company that is either within your internal system or to the ID of the company in your CRM. This is separate from the system-generated ID that Intercom will assign each company. This field is required.
    • Remote Created At (text): the time the company was created by you.
    • Monthly Spend (text): the monthly spend of the company for your service.
  • Custom Attributes
    • Click or drop into the space provided here to create a field that will define a custom attribute on the new company. NOTE: In order to write to existing custom fields within your Intercom application, type the field name to exactly match the existing attribute both in capitalization and spelling.

Output Fields

  • Company
    • Intercom ID (text): a unique system-generated ID that identifies the company in Intercom.