Update an Organization.


  • Organization
    • Organization ID (text): The unique identifier of the organization. This can be dragged from the create organization card.
    • Organization Name (text): Name of organization
    • Background (text): Additional background notes, bio, etc.
    • Owner User ID _(text):  _User ID of the Contact Owner.
    • Date Created (text): Date the organization was created.
    • Tags (list of text):
  • Address (list of text):
    • Address Type (text): ADDRESS_TYPE must be one of the following values: ‘Postal’, ‘Work’, ‘Primary’, ‘Home’ or ‘Other’. ‘Postal’, ‘Work’ and ‘Primary’ map to the Mailing Address and ‘Home’ and ‘Other’ map to the Other Address.
    • Street (text): Street Number and Name of Address.
    • City (text): City.
    • State (text): State/Province.
    • Postcode (text): Zip or Postal Code.
    • Country (text): Country.
  • Custom Fields
    • Organization Custom Field (text): Unique customizable opportunity field.


  • Organization
    • Time Updated (text): Time the organization was updated.