Creates a task.

Input Fields

  • Task
    • Title (text): Title of the Task.
    • Category ID (text): The Category ID of the Task, if it has been assigned to one.
    • Due Date (text): Due Date of the Task, in YYYY-MM-DD format.
    • Public Visibility (T/F): True if Task is visible to others.
    • Completed (T/F): True if Task has been completed.
    • Project ID (text): ID of Project that the Task is linked to.
    • Details (text): Details of the Task.
    • Status (text): This field can have one of the following values: ‘Completed’, ‘Deferred’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Not Started’, ‘Waiting’.
    • Priority (text): This field can have one of the following integer values: 1 (Low), 2 (Normal), or 3 (High).
    • Parent Task ID (text): Parent task ID must be integer.
    • Owner Visible (T/F): Used to determine if owner of assigned task wants to be kept notified of task
    • Responsible User ID (text): D of the User who is responsible for the Task.
    • Assigned Team ID (text): D of the Team which is responsible for the Task.
    • Owner User ID (text): User ID of the Task record owner.
    • Reminder Date (text): Reminder date and time of the Task, as Coordinated Universal Time.

Output Fields

  • Task
    • Task ID (text): Unique key of the Task record being linked.
    • Time Created (text): Time the task was created.