Adds a new contact.

Input Fields

  • Contact
    • Salutation (text):  Mr/Mrs/etc.
    • First Name (text): User’s first name.
    • Last Name (text): User’s last name.
    • Work Email (list of text): User’s email.
    • Work Phone (list of text): User’s work phone.
    • Mobile Phone (list of text): User’s mobile phone.
    • Work Website (list of text): User’s work website.
    • Background (text): Additional background notes, bio, etc.
    • Default Linked Organization (text): Select an organization defined in the Links field to be marked as default. If empty, or is not included in Links, or is not a valid ORGANISATION_ID, the first organization link will be set as default.
    • Owner User ID (text): User ID of the Contact Owner.
    • Visible To (text): This field can have one of the following values: ‘Everyone’ (Default), ‘Owner’, ‘Team’, or ‘Individuals’.
    • Visible Team ID (text): If VISIBLE_TO is ‘Team’, then this should be a Team ID, which must be a valid TEAM_ID record locator.
    • Visible User IDs (text): If VISIBLE_TO is ‘Individuals’, then this should be a comma-separated list of User IDs. This field is always empty in the response. Upon successful POST or PUT an anonymous team is created from the list of IDs, and the response will contain a VISIBLE_TEAM_ID.
    • Tags (list of text): Set of Tags attached to the Contact.
  • Address
    • Address Type (text): ADDRESS_TYPE must be one of the following values: ‘Postal’, ‘Work’, ‘Primary’, ‘Home’ or ‘Other’. ‘Postal’, ‘Work’ and ‘Primary’ map to the Mailing Address and ‘Home’ and ‘Other’ map to the Other Address.
    • Street (text): Street Number and Name of Address.
    • City (text): City.
    • State (text): State/Province.
    • Postcode (text): Zip or Postal Code.
    • Country (text): Country.
  • Custom fields
    • Contact Custom Field (text): Customizable field for contact.

Output Fields

  • Contact
    • Contact ID (text): ID of the contact just created.
    • Date Created (text): Date the contact was created.