Creates a contact.


  • Contact¬†
    • First Name (text): User’s first name.
    • Last Name (text): User’s last name.
    • Email (text): User’s email.
    • Phone (text): User’s phone number.
    • City (text): City.
    • Country (text): Country.
    • LinkedIn Connections (number): Number of connections the user has on LinkedIn.


  • Contact
    • Contact ID (text): Unique identifier for the contact created.

NOTE:¬†Because of changes to the labels of certain fields in the Hubspot API, it may be necessary to regenerate inputs and/or outputs on cards by clicking the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the card and selecting “Choose fields.” This change affected the “Hubspot Owner” field, which may have been changed to “Company Owner,” “Deal Owner,” or “Contact Owner” depending on the card. If you created your card after May 9th, your card will have generated the currently correct inputs and/or outputs.