• New Private Message - Start FLO when you receive a new private message from a certain user
  • New Room Message - Start FLO when there is a new message in a room you are a member of


  • Create Room - Create a new room (you must also invite yourself to this room for it to be visible in your instance)
  • Invite User - Invite a user to your Hipchat instance
  • Invite User to Room - Adds an existing user to a room, or sends an invite to the user if they are not a member of your Hipchat instance
  • Send Private Message - Send a private message to a user using their email or their unique ID
  • Send Room Message - Send a message to a room using the name of the room or the room ID
  • Share Link with Room - Share a link with a room and attach a message
  • Share Link with User - Share a link with a user and attach a message