• Updated Dashboard - Start FLO when there is an update to a dashboard


  • Create Alert Notification - Creates a new Alert Notification in Grafana
  • Create Dashboard - Creates a new dashboard in Grafana
  • Create Data Source - Creates a new data source in Grafana
  • Create Snapshot - Creates a new snapshot in Grafana
  • Delete Alert Notification - Deletes an Alert Notification in Grafana
  • Delete Dashboard - Deletes a dashboard in Grafana
  • Delete Data Source - Delete data source in Grafana
  • Delete Snapshot - Deletes a Snapshot in Grafana
  • Read Alert Notifications - Read information about Alert Notifications in Grafana
  • Read All Alerts - Read all the alerts for a Grafana Instance
  • Read Dashboard - Read information about a dashboard in Grafana
  • Read Data Source - Read information about a data source in Grafana
  • Read Snapshot - Reads information about a Snapshot in Grafana
  • Update Alert Notification - Update an Alert Notification in Grafana
  • Update Dashboard - Update a dashboard in Grafana
  • Update Data Source - Update data source in Grafana