Authorizing a GitLab Account

The first time you use a GitLab card in your FLO, you will need to authorize an account.

  1. Add an Account Nickname. This should be unique, so that in the case that your teammates authorize multiple GitLab accounts, you will be able to tell them apart.
  2. Click “Create” to launch a window to sign in to your GitLab Account. Once you are signed in, this configuration will be saved.


  • New Build - Start FLO when a new build is run.
  • New Commit - Start FLO when a new commit is made in a repository.


  • Cancel Build - Cancel a single build of a project.
  • Comment on Commit - Comment on a commit.
  • Create Build Trigger - Create a build trigger for a project.
  • Create Commit - Create a commit.
  • Create Tag - Create a tag with a ref to a commit, another tag, or a branch.
  • Delete Build - Delete a single build of a project, removing build artifacts and trace.
  • Delete Tag - Delete a tag
  • Download Build Artifacts - Download the artifacts file of a single build.
  • Execute Build - Trigger a manual action to start a build.
  • List Build Triggers - List all build triggers for a project.
  • List Builds - List builds for an existing project.
  • List Commits - Get all commits for a project repository.
  • Read Build - Read builds from an existing project.
  • Read Commit - Read commit for an existing project using commit id.
  • Read Project - Read a existing project using 'namespace/project name'
  • Read Tag - Read tag for an existing project.
  • Retry Build - Retry a build
  • Revoke Build Trigger - Revoke Build Trigger
  • Trigger Build - Trigger a build on a ref (branch or tag).