Creates an expense object to use in a new report with the “Create Report” action.

Input Fields

  • Expense
    • Merchant (text): The company the expense was paid to.
    • Expense Date (text): Date in format YYYY-MM-DD.
    • Amount (number): The amount of the expense.
    • Currency (text): The ISO code for the currency.
    • External ID _(_number): Should be unique.
    • Category (text): Entertainment, Fuel/Milage, Lodging, Meals, Other, Phone, Transportation
    • Tag (text): Add an optional tag.
    • Billable? (T/F): If it is billable.
    • Reimbursable? (T/F): If it is reimbursable.
    • Comment (text): Additional information.
    • Report ID (number): The report this expense is linked to. Given when you create a report using ‘Create Report’.
    • Policy ID (text): Which policy you’d like to use; optional.
    • Tax Code (text): The tax set up in policy settings.
    • Tax Amount (number): The amount of tax.

Output Fields

  • Expense (object)