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Note: To use the DynamicsCRM connector, you must first have a registered organization account which can be obtained here.

To get started, select a DynamicsCRM Event from the Channels menu in the right-hand sidebar of the Designer or find DynamicsCRM within the Create Account button in your Account Settings window.

  1. First, enter a nickname for your account in the Account Nickname field. The nickname can be anything - the actual name of the account, a DynamicsCRM username, or a generic nickname.
  2. Enter the resource (domain) of your DynamicsCRM account. This is the domain registered for your organization. (For DynamicsCRM, this will be your org name followed by “.crm.dynamics.com”, i.e. “yourorgname.crm.dynamics.com”)
  3. Enter your DynamicsCRM email and password information in the OAuth window that opens. If you are already logged into DynamicsCRM in another window, this step will be skipped automatically.
  4. When confirmed, the card Options will show the DynamicsCRM Record types available to use in your Flow.

Once you create an account configuration on one DynamicsCRM card, you can use the same configuration every time you create a DynamicsCRM Flow. You can also create multiple configurations for each Connector to link all your accounts and manage them from your Settings page.


    • New Record

      Start FLO when a new record is created

    • Record Updated

      Start FLO when a record is updated


    • Create Record

    • Custom API Action

      Make an authenticated HTTP request to the Dynamics CRM API

    • Get Linked Records

      Get linked records of a certain type from a record using the record ID

    • Read Record

    • Search Records

    • Update Record