• Add Invitee - Invite a contact to an eventy using the contact ID
  • Create Meeting Request - Add a meeting request to your Cvent account.
  • Delete Contact - Delete a contact using the contact ID
  • Get All Events - Get all the events from your Cvent account
  • Get All Invitees - Get all invitees for an event
  • Get All Sessions - Get all sessions for an event
  • Read Contact - Read information about a contact using the contact ID
  • Read Event - Read information about an event using the event ID
  • Read Invitee - Read information about an invitee using the invitee ID
  • Register Invitee - Register an invitee for an event using the invitee ID
  • Search Contacts - Search for a contact and return the contact ID
  • Update Contact - Update a contact using the contact ID