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The first time you add a Coupa card to a Flow, you will need to create a configuration. This will allow you to connect to your account, save your account information, and reuse that configuration next time you build a Flow with the connector. That way, you don’t have to sign in every time you want to build a Flow with this Connector. Instead, use the configuration you have already set up. You can create and save multiple configurations and share them with your teammates.

Here’s how to set up a new configuration in Coupa:

  1. First, enter in an Account Nickname. This should be unique so if you are connecting multiple Coupa accounts you will be able to tell them apart.
  2. Enter your Company Name, which is the sub-domain name of the URL that will be called to authenticate the user. For example, https://companyname.coupahost.com/
  3. Select your Company URL Type. This is located in the URL of your Coupa account, after your company name and right before the .com. It should be either coupahost or coupacloud. This field will default to coupahost.
  4. Enter API Key associated with your Coupa Account. If you don’t have an API Key then generate a new one under Setup > Company Setup > API Keys and then click on Create.
  5. Then click “Create” to finish this configuration.


    • Custom API Action

      Make a custom HTTP request to the Coupa API.

      Input Fields

      Note: Many of these fields are optional and can be left blank.

      • Request
        • Relative URL (text): Resource URL or API End point URL
        • Query (object): specify query params as JSON Object. E.g.: {“limit”:2}
        • Headers (object): specify request headers as JSON Object. E.g.: {“ACCEPT”:“application/json”}

      Output Fields

      • Response
        • Status Code (number): Response Status code
        • Headers (object): Response Headers as a JSON Object
        • Body (object): Response Body as a JSON Object