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Authorizing a Codeship Account

The first time you use a Codeship card in your Flow, you will need to authorize an account.

  1. Add an Account Nickname. This should be unique, so that in the case that your teammates authorize multiple accounts, you will be able to tell them apart.
  2. Enter in your account’s API key. This can be found under your account settings in Codeship.
  3. Click “Create” to save this configuration.


    • Build Completed

      Start FLO when a Build is completed

    • Build Started

      Start FLO when a new Build is created

    • New Project

      Start FLO when a new Project is created


    • Read All Builds

      Read a list of all Builds

    • Read All Projects

      Read a list of all Projects

    • Read Build

      Uses the Build ID to get the Build Info.

      Input Fields

      Output Fields

      • Build Info
        • UUID (text): the Universal unique identifier (UUID) for the build
        • Project ID (number): The ID for the project the build is located in.
        • Status (text): The status of the build. ie “success”.
        • Branch (text): The branch. Also located underneath the build name.
        • Commit ID (text): The commit ID.
        • Github Username (text)
        • Message (text): Message/description attached to the build.
        • Start Time (text): When the build was started. (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM.SS)
        • Finish Time (text): When the build ended. (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM.SS)
        • Debug Connection (text)
    • Read Project Info

      Read information about a specific Project

    • Restart Build

      Restart a specific build