The first time you use a Bynder DAM card in your FLO, you will need to authorize a connection.

  1. Give your connection a nickname. This should be unique, so that in the case that your teammates authorize multiple Bynder DAM connections, you will be able to tell them apart.
  2. Enter the domain name without “https://“. e.g. “”
  3. Click “Create” to launch a window to create your Bynder DAM connection. Once you are signed in, this configuration will be saved.


  • Asset Updated - Start FLO when an existing asset is updated
  • New Asset - Start FLO when a new asset is created


  • Add Assets to Collection - Add an asset or assets to a collection
  • Add Tag to Assets - Add a tag to an asset or assets
  • Custom API Call - Make an authenticated http request to the Bynder API.
  • Download Asset - Download an asset
  • Read All Collections - Read all collections
  • Read All Tags - Read information about all tags
  • Read Asset Metadata - Read the metadata of an asset.
  • Read Collection Assets - Read all assets of a collection
  • Remove Assets from Collection - Remove an asset or assets from a collection
  • Remove Tag from Assets - Remove a tag from an asset or assets
  • Search Assets - Search for an asset
  • Update Asset Metadata - Update metadata for an asset
  • Upload Asset - Upload an asset