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  • Asset Updated

    Start FLO when an existing asset is updated

  • New Asset

    Start FLO when a new asset is created


  • Add Assets to Collection

    Add an asset or assets to a collection

  • Add Tag to Assets

    Add a tag to an asset or assets

  • Download Asset

    Download an asset

  • Read All Collections

    Read all collections

  • Read All Tags

    Read information about all tags

  • Read Asset Metadata

    Read the metadata of an asset

  • Read Collection Assets

    Read all assets of a collection

  • Remove Assets from Collection

    Remove an asset or assets from a collection

  • Remove Tag from Assets

    Remove a tag from an asset or assets

  • Search Assets

    Search for an asset

  • Update Asset Metadata

    Update metadata for an asset

  • Upload Asset

    Upload an asset