Note: This connector requires setting up a Brightcove access token which is only available to Brightcove Professional and Enterprise accounts.

To setup the Brightcove connector with your Brightcove instance, first setup a Brightcove application by following these steps:

  • Log into Brightcove with an admin account and navigate to the “Account Information” page via the Admin dropdown. Copy the Account ID so that you have it available later when authorizing the account in Azuqua.
  • Next, navigate to the “API Authentication” page also under the Admin navigation and click “Register New Application”
  • Name the application and expose the following Brightcove API’s:

  • Save the application and copy the client key, client secret and the account ID to use when creating a new connection to Brightcove from inside Azuqua.


  • New Video - Start FLO when new video is uploaded.
  • Video Updated - Start FLO when video is updated.


  • Add Video To Folder - Add a video to folder using video ID.
  • Create Folder - Create a new folder.
  • Custom API Call - Make an authenticated call to the Brightcove API
  • Delete Video - Delete a video using video ID.
  • Read Folder - Read a videos using folder ID.
  • Read Playlist - Read a videos using playlist ID.
  • Read Video - Read a video using video ID.
  • Search Videos - Search videos using filters.
  • Update Video - Update a video using video ID.
  • Upload Video - Upload a new video.